Bondurant boys storm by Perry in first of two games

Sean Cordy

After the first game of the series was postponed earlier in the season, Perry (0-15, 0-12) and Bondurant-Farrar (10-8, 9-7) met Friday in Perry for the battle of Bluejays. Bondurant came out on top 70-17 after jumping to a commanding lead out of the gate.

#4 = 20

A big reason for such success stemmed from Colby Collison who posted 20 points while playing just over half the game. That was really par for the course as he came into Friday averaging 19.2 points per game, ranked No. 2 in the Raccoon River Conference.

Part of his dominance has stemmed from his ultra-consistency around the arc as he also ranks second in three-point efficiency at 52 percent this season. He threw that out of his basket of tricks against Perry as all 10 of his made shots were from two-point range.

"He's been great," Bondurant head coach Travis Evans said. "He's been our leader as far as points rebounds, and so forth. Having a great season just shooting the ball really well at a high percentage. Just an overall good player."

Without Collison on the floor, more room was made for Everett White and Braden Miller to get looks, each knocking down 10 points with a bulk of production coming in the second half that kept Perry from climbing into the game. 

Bondurant-Farrar's Braden Miller goes up for a basket on Friday, Feb. 12 in Perry.

Respect your elders

While Perry's production continued to be muffled and the team rosters only three varsity seniors and one JV senior, that didn't take anything away from Senior Night.

Wrapping his first year in Perry, head coach David Morris was highly complimentary of what his eldest group has meant for a team that has gone through COVID-19 quarantines. With such little time with the team coming into the season, and then the added stress of multiple breaks, it was June Rey Reisberg, Dalton Scott, Jordan Ochoa and Cristian Chavez that helped Morris learn about each player this season.

Though Perry's players returning next year were the team's statistical leaders Friday as Caden Steva led the home Bluejays with six points followed by Jeremy Mateso with four.

Jeremy Mateso looks to move around a Bondurant-Farrar player on Friday, Feb. 12.

Just keep playing

Perry hopes to keep Friday's game in the memory bank as the team loads the bus for a rematch Monday with Bondurant. Playing games against the same team in a quick span proved to be a positive experience earlier in the week when Perry faced Ballard twice.

After losing 90-9 in the first game, Perry regrouped and made a concerted effort to take more shots after turning the ball over 35 times compared to 24 shot attempts. In turn, Perry lost 90-20 with that effort. While small for some teams, that 11-point difference is a positive step.

"What can we do to keep it as simple as possible, have fun, play hard and get the most out of everybody?" Morris asked.

Down the home-stretch, Bondurant hopes to stay in this groove where everything just goes right.

"We're not going to add anything else this late in the year," Evans said. "Everything we have is in, so this is basically just fine-tuning our sets and making sure we're not being sloppy."

Omar Jaimes looks to pass the ball to a teammate during a home match-up with Bondurant-Farrar on Friday, Feb. 12.