Perry swims by Algona for third time of season

Sean Cordy - Correspondent

Perry swim has had Algona's number all season with two wins. On Tuesday, Sept. 15 the Jayettes made that a third time with a 90-71 victory over the Bulldogs.

The previous meeting netted a 55-43 win, and before that, a 90-72 win. While close to those margins, Perry head coach Jean Dowd said she felt the night went exceedingly well overall.

"Our times were better and we've mixed the roster up. A lot of really good times tonight," Dowd commented.

Jenna Nelson looks to dive in the water for the Jayettes on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The stopwatches clocked six personal bests for the Jayettes, all coming from individual girls. Jenna Nelson kicked off that momentum with the night's top time in the 200 yard freestyle (1st, 2 minutes 27.9 seconds) and was trailed by Rhylan Agan (5th, 3:12.02) with her own PR. Nelson also hit her new personal record in the 100 freestyle (2nd, 1:08.62).

Rhylan Agan competes for the Jayettes during a home meet against Algona on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Jaylene Karolus also stood out as she won the 100 freestyle with a sub-minute time (1st, 57.77 seconds) for a personal record and finished 19 seconds before Algona touched down. 

Zoe Hibbert hit a new mark in the 200 medley (2nd, 2:42.41). Emily Dowd raced neck-and-neck in the 500 freestyle and fell just a couple seconds behind a gold pace (2nd, 6:55.94).

Emily Dowd gets ready to swim during Perry's home meet with Algona on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

"As a freshman without a lot of experience, she's doing a really nice job. That's what is fun about this time. A large part of our team is freshmen. 50 percent of our roster," Dowd said. "It's a really bright future for Perry swimming as a whole."

Part of that bright future is Sophia McDevitt, who finished first in both the 200 medley (1st, 2:28.19) and 100 butterfly (1st, 1:07.89) to give some variety to her portfolio beyond her school record-breaking performances in the 500 yard event.

Perry's Sophia McDevitt competes against Algona on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at the McCreary Center.

Amanda Holwegner also hit a couple top times of the night in the 50 freestyle (1st, 28.97 seconds) and 100 breaststroke (1st, 1:26.52). Gracie Phillips rounded out the list of gold medal times as she beat out her competition by six seconds in the 100 backstroke (1st, 1:16.95).

Perry has another week to prepare for the next meet as the Jayettes play host again Thursday, Sept. 24 at the McCreary Center.