Hawks roll through Earlham with steady stream of runs

Sean Cordy - Correspondent
Perry Chief

Woodward-Granger (12-4-1) came to Earlham (5-8) with all the momentum as the hosts had no answers Friday, letting the Hawks fly by in an 11-1 brawl.

The Hawks came out with a commanding 4-0 lead jump-started by a pair of singles and steals from Reese Jamison and Bryce Achenbach. That momentum carried into the next frame as well, circling through the batting order to get the two lead-offs across home plate again (and Jamison got on the board a third time in the final fifth inning and added an RBI as well).

Every single slot in the batting order got some piece of the score either via an RBI or run. Colby Tague drove in three runs and scored once to tie Jamison and Achenbach for the most total runs created. Pacey Moats punched through two more teammates and scored once himself while Jack Grell crossed home plate twice. Tate Lettow was the only piece of the puzzle that didn’t actually score, but his pinch runner Christian Husmann made the round trip in his place.

Combine that dangerous efficiency at the plate with the heat from the mound, and the Cardinals couldn’t dream of keeping pace with the fifth-ranked team in the class.

Through the first four innings, Earlham couldn’t get more than four batters up to the plate. Woodward had a stranglehold on the Cardinals, earning six strikeouts in five complete innings before the game was called off by the run-rule. Jay Dorenkamp collected the win with Cade Easter and Nate Rosen in relief roles.

Despite the Cardinals’ pedestrian losing record, Earlham has been fairly competitive throughout the season and ranked in place with Woodward in average runs per game. They had recently come alive for a three game win streak after an 11-0 loss to No. 1 Van Meter. That only adds to the striking comparison between the Bulldogs and Hawks on top of their doubleheader of razor thin margins.

Next Up: CAM (Monday)

The Hawks return home to face the undefeated Cougars who are looking to prove they belong in the conversation for the state tournament. They’ve won their games by an average of 12.9-0.6 compared to Woodward’s 5.2-2.8, but against Class 1A competition. A win over the Hawks would surely catapult them into the polls after previously receiving a couple votes.