Kenney hits new high as Jayettes strike down Madrid

Sean Cordy - Correspondent
Senior Cassidy Heck runs the bases during Perry's win over Madrid on Friday, June 26. PHOTO BY SEAN CORDY/THE PERRY CHIEF

Taking time to recognize the team’s eldest leaders on Senior Night, the Jayettes (1-6) managed to wrangle down Madrid (0-9) in a 6-2 victory to get Perry its first win of the season.

It’s been a long time coming. After the game, Lutterman said she felt there has been good work on display throughout the season but it’s difficult for everyone to see when the win column dominates conversation.

Now with their first win in the bag, those positives rose to the top.

Rules are meant to be broken

While a load of plays helped boost the score one run at a time, it was senior Cassidy Heck that gave the biggest bump of the night with a two RBI double in the first inning.

As a general rule of thumb, Lutterman said she advises the senior first baseman to not make a run for second base. This was an exception as Heck felt she had plenty of time to get to the second bag standing up.

“It really felt like I got things going and just helped pick the team up,” Heck said about her first extra base hit of the year. “I saw that they were all laying around on the ground trying to pick up the ball and I just felt like I had enough time. Just go for it.”

Though it was Heck’s lone statistical contribution to the offense’s output, the play was enough to provide a security blanket for the rest of the game. Adding further security, shortstop Lydia Olejniczak scored twice (and nearly made it a third time but was called out at home plate) despite not getting a hit, only walks.

While Olejniczak was the only Perry player to get walked, Lutterman said she felt the rest of the team did a good job working with off-center pitches from Madrid that may have been chased in other games. Proof of that success, Jayna Kenney had a team-high two hits in three appearances, one of which came down to a full count in the first inning.

Breaking records isn’t frowned upon either

Even without that more upbeat tempo on offense, the Jayettes stood a strong chance to walk away with a win the way Kenney was tossing the ball as well.

She walked away with a career-high eight strikeouts, three of which came consecutively in the fourth inning on just 12 pitches. Beyond the strikeouts, she had just one walk as well.

“I think she was just mentally tough and knew she needed to step up and make sure she was doing her best,” Lutterman said. “Her role is to not walk anyone and beyond that, we talked about keeping it in the middle of the plate. I think she did a great job of really hitting that outside corner and moving it out and in, keeping them off balance.”

Lutterman also said she believed the relief innings that eighth-grader Maci Tunink threw the previous two games played a factor, helping keep Kenney more focused with more energy in the tank to go all night.

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