Smeltzer projected to get 100th dual win with the 2018 Hawks Wrestling Team

Libbie Randall - Sports

As Woodward-Granger Wrestling practice started up once again this year, the wrestling room seemed just a little bit emptier now that 10 seniors have graduated from last year’s. Nevertheless, these Hawks have goals that they are determined to bring to fruition and a great long-time coach to help make those possible.

“My initial thoughts going into this season is that we are young and we’ve got a lot of freshmen that need to step up to the plate this year in the varsity lineup,” Head Coach Dave Smeltzer said. “We lost 10 seniors last year so we’ll probably have at least four freshmen in the varsity lineup.

Going into his seventh year as the head coach for the Hawks Wrestling Team, Coach Smeltzer has a pretty good chance at reaching 100 dual wins at the first competition of the year. Coach Smeltzer currently holds a total of 97 dual wins and with wrestlers like Cody Fisher and Dilynn Lewiston, he is hopeful when it comes to obtaining those last three.

“I really feel like a lot of off season work is going to make me better for the season. Team-wise I really feel that we all have found that certain intensity that it takes to wrestle well and we all have a good mindset going into this season,” said Lewiston. “I really want to be able to show up towards the end of the season because that’s usually when I start to get tired, hurt, or worn out like I was last year, but I feel the end of the season is going to be a lot better the last.”

Coach Smeltzer praised all of his wrestlers during the first practice of the year, one of which was Fisher.

“We’ve got some outstanding returning upperclassmen one being Cody Fisher who got second the last two years in his weight class,” Coach Smeltzer said. “He’ll probably wrestle at 220 and he’ll be ranked number one at either 195 or 220.”

When asked about his initial thoughts going into this new season of wrestling, Fisher seemed excited about the opportunity to be in a different weight class.

“I’m definitely excited going into the season. I’m at a new weight, but there’s the same expectations as always,” Fisher said. “I’ve just got to go into this with a good mindset and get ready to go.”