Hawks football shut down in-town rival for Homecoming game

Libbie Randall - Sports
Gabe Yingst skillfully dodges several Woodward Academy players during Homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

Homecoming 2018 proved to be very victorious for Woodward-Granger football as they took on Woodward Academy on Friday, Sept. 28 and won 70-12.

Jackson Newland says this win was particular special for him and his teammates.

“(We’re) feeling great, this is a bounce back from our last two loses,” Newland said. “This one means a lot because it’s our homecoming and it’s the last one for our seniors. I can’t thank the juniors that have stepped up and played hard enough.”

As with any high scoring game, there were a handful of key plays and players of the evening, but perhaps one of the most momentum-boosting play came at the hands of Bryce Achenbach. With a few minutes left in the second quarter Achenbach seized an opportunity to intercept the ball on the 35 yard line and run it all the way in for one of many touchdowns.

Many other key plays came in the fourth quarter. While some teams would see the huge lead as a reason to step back, the Hawks kept pushing and this time it was Cade Polch who shined. The sophomore started the last quarter to the game with yet another Hawks touchdown followed by an almost perfect field goal to get the extra point. Woodward Academy did not let that move go unanswered as they turned around to score a touchdown of their own, but fell short when attempting a two point conversion.

At 62-12, the Hawks continued to cheer each other on and the support seemed to work in favor of one Dylan Bird. The freshman took his chance and came out successful with one touchdown of his own before the game was over. As his teammates congratulated Bird, many willed John McKeever to get their team up to 70 points before time ran out and that is exactly what he did.

Head Coach George Ashman said he feels very proud of his team after such a huge win.

“We lost a close game last week (to Interstate 35) and so we had told the kids that in district football games you need to play as hard as you can,” Coach Ashman said. “We really looked to not turn the ball over and do some other things well and I think we did that tonight.”

Another one of the many plus sides to a huge-margin victory as many saw with Bird, is the opportunity for some of the less experienced players to get playing time.

“All of our young guys go to play tonight and we had a freshman score a touchdown which is pretty cool,” said Ashman. “It’s always awesome to have this kind of turnout for a homecoming game because there were lots of people here and all of the kids played today.”

This win brings W-G’s overall record to 4-2 as they head into next week’s game at Pleasantville.