Bluejay football team volunteers to help with Dewey Field renovations

Libbie Randall - Sports
Perry High School athletes work on landscaping at Dewey Field on Sept. 12. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

A recent tradition seen in the middle of Perry High School’s Homecoming spirit week involves students getting out of class and giving back to the community. This year the Bluejay Football Team got the opportunity to give directly back to those community members who have given so much to them. Dewey Field was sprinkled with various Perry football athletes on Wednesday, Sept. 12 as the team worked to install even more new additions to the already renovated site.

To compliment the brand new Bluejay stature within the Plaza, the team worked on a large landscaping project to add nature and life surrounding the symbol. Along with digging and planting, several of the athletes helped to install the pavers also located next to the statue.

Several of the Perry football players expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to them.

“It’s really cool that the school allows us to take one day just to help our community,” said Carlos Calderon. “Helping our town and community improve, it really shows you that the high school does care about everything that we do.”

Mike Echeverria was another Bluejay to express appreciation for the tradition.

“For me I think it’s a good way to give back to the community. I know a lot of people are doing stuff in the parks, at different houses, and here at the new field,” Echeverria said. “It’s pretty good to show that we also care and that we thank them for caring for us during the season.”

At the same time the Bluejays were working hard to show their appreciation to all the donors who made the new additions possible, construction workers were in the beginning stages of installing one more item. On the backside of the main scoreboard there will soon be a screen reading “Perry Bluejays” along with an image of the bird.

Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks says the volunteer day started out as an idea, and having it lineup with these projects makes it that much better.

“I’ve said it to a few other people today, but this might be the best day of the year because we are serving, we’re helping the community and the district, and we’re building Bluejay and Jayette pride,” said Wicks.

Other final additions include screens covering the ticket booths with “Perry Bluejays” written across each of them as well as the phrase “We are Perry” being written across the back of the press box. Wicks also stated that the phrase will be able to be seen from outside the field to showcase Perry Pride growing stronger.

With all these donors to make these finishing touches possible, one of the most recent contributions was featured on the Perry Twitter page.

“The last picture we took that showcased the latest donation was for $5,000 from the Olejniczak’s,” said Wicks. “We have had some really great support from our community and they were the last ones to give that 5,000 on up donation. It’s just another great story of Perry Pride.”