Perry fights to the finish in close game against ADM

Libbie Randall - Sports
Carlos Calderon shows great skill in game against ADM on Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

A low scoring football game usually indicates valiant effort on both teams defensive sides. That’s exactly what spectators saw on Friday, Aug. 31 as the Bluejays took on ADM in a fight to the finish.

Going into halftime, the game was tied at three overall with ADM scoring the first field goal and Perry responding with their own soon after.

Head Coach Matt Hardy says at that point he praised his team for coming out and fighting.

“(I told them at halftime) we made the plays we needed to make in the first half and we just needed to continue doing what we were doing,” Coach Hardy said. “We’ll make plays on offense, we’ll hit our stride, and defense should keep playing their butt off.”

The effort from the first half was matched in the second as the game became even more intense.

With less than eight minutes left in the third quarter, Perry’s defense was doing exactly what Hardy had instructed them to do as they worked hard to keep ADM away from their territory. That’s when Kaleb Olejniczak saw his opportunity to switch over to the offensive side and intercepted the ball at the 26 yard line.

Although the interception was one to fuel the Bluejay’s fire even more, the game carried on without points for a while before ADM saw their chance and score their first and only touchdown of the game. Perry soon responded with their own efforts to make it into the endzone. Devon Timmons ran the ball in for a Bluejay touchdown, and Cori Alamina kicked in the extra point to even out the score at 10-10 with five minutes left in the game.

As soon as everyone thought the game would be going into overtime, ADM shot ahead with a field goal with 18 seconds left in the game to take the win 13-10.

In a game like this one Coach Hardy says his team should be proud.

“(I told the team after the game) that there’s nothing to hang their head about,” Coach Hardy said. “They competed for 48 minutes, I’m proud of them, flush it out, and we’re on to Nevada.”

Coach Hardy also said he will have the team work on their offensive game to prepare for next week.

“We’ve got to sustain drives a little more,” Coach Hardy said. “We need to clean up tackling a little bit, there was a couple of big plays (on Friday) that the outcome could have been a little bit different.”

Perry will be on the road again next week to take on Nevada on Friday, Sept. 7.