Perry Golf and Country Club to host Trent Miner Memorial Golf Tournament

Libbie Randall - Sports
Joelle Miner, Trent Miner’s mother, believes the game is beneficial as different generations often gather to play the sport alongside one another. FILE PHOTO/THE PERRY CHIEF

The Perry Golf and Country Club is coming up on one of their very special annual events. The Trent Miner Memorial Parent/Child Golf Tournament is a day for family members to come out, golf for fun, and raise money in remembrance of one of Perry’s most avid golfers.

Trent Miner was part of a long line of Perry citizens and grew up around the sport thanks to his father’s role as the Perry Golf and Country Club Superintendent. In 2001 Trent Miner was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away four years later at the age of 19. The golf tournament started a year after he passed away as a way to honor him and raise funds for several organizations selected by his family.

Trent Miner’s mother, Joelle Miner, says although he was such an avid golfer, it became harder for him to enjoy the sport as he got older.

“[Trent’s] health did kind of come into play those last few years and it became more difficult to golf,” Miner said. “However, he had his therapy and received treatment over in Iowa City. The [Perry] community rallied around us in a huge way and really just made an unfortunate situation so much more (bearable).”

Miner also said she remembers Trent as having a very normal teenage life thanks to this support and fondly looks back on taking her son to various golf tournaments.

“It was so much fun, these golf tournaments,” Miner said. “[Trent and his friends] would get all geared up for it and really enjoyed preparing for them.”

From those memories and many others Miner says it only felt natural to host a parent/child golf tournament at the Perry Golf and Country Club.

Children of all ages are encouraged to come out to this event with their parents on Sunday, Aug. 12. Kids aged 13 years or younger will participate in the 9 a.m. tournament, consisting of nine holes. The cost is $10 per person with lunch included. Kids aged 14 years or older will participate in the 1 p.m. tournament, also consisting of nine holes. The cost is $25 per person and includes a meal. There will be various prizes given out as well as a silent auction.

Joelle Miner says it is not a requirement to participate with a family member, but it is highly encouraged.

“People just have a great time at this event,” said Miner. “All through the morning and afternoon you can hear people laughing and cheering and it’s certainly an encouragement to the kids that are just getting into the game. It’s something that I just know [Trent] would have loved.”