Hawks softball seniors consider carrying their skills onto the collegiate level

Libbie Randall - Sports
The 2018 softball seniors pose with Assitant Coach Jessica Wyant and Head Coach Owen Hunter. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

Two Woodward-Granger seniors will soon play their last softball game as Hawks before moving on from their home town.

Kaycee Major and Alexis Bixler have attended Woodward-Granger schools from the very beginning of their education. In that time they have also played the game of softball. Both seniors say they have had an interest in the sport from a very young age and have yet to let that interest fade.

Although they have many things in common, these seniors have different plans for the future and different memories of the program. All of which are fond and ambitious.

Major has had various positive things she likes most about playing softball as a Hawk. One of them is the opportunity she has had as being a part of a small community.

“We’re all really close and I really like that because we connect more,” Major said. “[The team] knows each other very well as a person and a player. I love the felling of being on the field and knowing they have my back and I have their backs.”

Major also stated she feels very fortunate to have a family among the team and spectators.

In her time as a Hawk, Major says her proudest moment was hitting her first home run during her sophomore season. Major attributes this moment to her confidence on the field.

“When I step into the box I know what I am capable of,” Major said.

When asked about the coaching staff, Major says she is very appreciative of Head Coach Owen Hunter and Assistant Coach Jessica Wyant.

“[The coaches] can give me one-on-one interaction and are able to guide me through all moments both good and bad,” Major said. “I’m hoping I can be a coach one day and help those kids because my coaches have helped me a lot not only on the field but off the field. They have so many lessons that tie into life which helps shape who you are.”

This fall Major plans on attending Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny for two years. Major then plans to attend the Des Moines Mercy program to get her bachelor’s degree and RN in nursing.

Major says she is seriously considering playing softball at the collegiate level.

Bixler has also been around softball from a very young age. Starting out playing T-ball at age five, Bixler went on to only be interested in playing softball over all other sports. Bixler says it is the only sport she feels she can connect to.

When asked about her favorite thing about the Woodward-Granger program Bixler said attending a smaller school has presented her with many opportunities that she feels would not have been a possibility at a bigger school.

“[At Woodward-Granger] you pretty much have a 100 percent chance to play as long as you put in the work which is what we have been trying to do,” Bixler said.

One of the proudest chances Bixler took was the moment she hit her first home run during her junior season.

“It was so unexpected,” Bixler said. “I felt that I hit the ball, but I didn’t feel as if I had hit it that well, but then I saw it go over the fence!”

Bixler also emphasizes the encouragement and mentoring she has received from the coaching staff. She says they are personable people and feels as if she can go to them with almost anything.

In the fall Bixler will attend DMACC and plans on completing her general studies before deciding what course of study she would like to pursue.

Woodward-Granger softball will play their first Iowa state softball tournament game on Monday, July 2 against South Central Calhoun beginning at 7 p.m. in Lytton.