Olejniczak commits to UNI

Brandon L. Summers, Editor
Emma Olejniczak commits to University of Northern Iowa Thursday.

Perry High School student Emma Olejniczak has committed to University of Northern Iowa to play softball.

Joined by her family, Olejniczak signed the documents before her fellow students in Perry High School's Brady Library Thursday.

Olejniczak thanked everyone for their support, describing the day as a "dream come true."

"Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of playing collegiate softball," she said.

There were only three in the recruiting class this year.

"It is a great dream," Tom Lipovac, activities director, said. "And dreams only happen with hard work. Dreams only happen with a commitment, and what takes place behind the scenes. The evenings, the mornings, the weekends, the sacrifices that we all make."

He added, "Emma, you have an opportunity to move on."

Coach Tina Kenney applauded Olejniczak's achievement.

"I'm so proud of you for continuing to pursue your passions," Kenney said. "You obviously have a lot of love for the sport and it's grown over the years. I'm excited to see where you go from here."

Lynn Ubben, Perry schools superintendent, also commended Olejniczak.

"There's a lot of successful kids in Perry," she said. "It's always awesome when kids are going on to the next level. They represent their school and community, and they also show the other kids that there are all sorts of possibilities beyond high school."