Jayettes square off against several schools at the ADM Invitational

Cesar J ToledoSports ReporterCtoledo@theperrychief.com
Jayettes square off against several schools at the ADM Invitational

In a hot and humid gymnasium as spectators tightened their grip on their cold water bottles exactly like the winner of a powerball ticket, two schools, separated by a little over 10 miles, squared off signaling the start of what would be a competitive event.

On Thursday, September 3, Perry and Woodward-Granger were locked in battle as neither team was dominating the net. The Jayettes had the early lead in both games, but the lead was short-lived as it exchanged hands multiple times. Ultimately the Hawks prevailed taking the series in two games. Perry was outscored by four points in the first match-up, and three in the second.

While some teams might have thrown in the towel, the Jayettes were, to quote the late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott “as cool as the other side of the pillow,” against the Knoxville Panthers, as it took both games of the series. Perry posted scores of 21-17 and 21-7 and improved to 1-1. That would be the last win of the evening for the Jayettes as it went 1-4 on Thursday.

Less then a week later the Jayettes were at home in front of a full crowd as they took the court against conference rival ADM Tigers. The fans came out to support the team. When the Jayettes were announced, there was an explosion of cheers that was loud enough to cover the entire state of Iowa. The gym was vibrating with excitement as the crowd was on their feet awaiting the first serve.

The first game was intense as both teams looked sharp and prepared to play. During the the match, Perry found themselves trailing by four points. The team kept its composure and fought back to take a 15-13 lead. Back and forth the match continued until the Tigers pulled away and won the first game 25-21. In game two, the Jayettes immediately avenged its loss with a 25-21 win. The Tigers won game three with a 25-16 score. Game four saw both teams play a hard fought and grueling battle that came down to the wire. Perry lost the final match by three points, 25-22.

There are still 17 games left before the end of the season and at 4-8 the Jayettes sit in second place in its district just three wins behind first place ADM, which was something head coach Kristel Schultz emphasized.

“I just reminded that it is still early and the purpose of the tournaments with multiple games in a night is to find weaknesses and strengthen them,” she said.

Next up for the team is the Perry Invitational where the team will play host to several schools on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. The Jayettes will be fine tuning any weaknesses as it looks to get back to its winning ways.

“We definitely need to work on eliminating opponent runs,” Schultz said.” When we have momentum we can push points but we need to keep the other team from doing that.”

The team will also be in action on Tuesday September 15, as the Jayettes will be on the road at Ballard Huxley . The game starts at 5:30 p.m.