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Larry Vodenik
Special to the Chief
Did you know... who this Perry business person was?

Did you know... who this Perry businessperson was? Yes, that is Del Conklin, owner of Conklin Jewelry. Del's store was located on the corner of Second Street and Willis Avenue at 1102 Second St. He had been located in different locations in Perry until he settled on his well-known location next to Mrs. Council's popcorn stand. As a young man, it seemed whenever there was something going on in Perry, Del was part of it. It could be a chamber of commerce event or Jaycee project, Del was part of it. He was the one who got me to join the Elks. With a job downtown and my own money, Del sold me my first wristwatch. My dad said I should pay for the watch on layaway until I paid it off. Del told me no, he knew I was good for it, and so I started paying every week and wearing my new watch all this time. To prove him right, I never missed a payment and even paid my watch off early. There were lots of great businesspeople in town as I grew up. 

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Did you know... what building this cupola was located on? 

Did you know... what building this cupola was located on?