Did You Know?

Larry Vodenik
Special to the Chief
Did you know... who this person is?

Did you know… who this person is? I do not often show people in my article, but thought I'd see if there was interest in that. Yes, that is Don Bainter, owner of Don's Mobil. This is a case where the business owner was as well-known as the business that bore his name. Don was what you remember when you think back on that Mobil Service station. I enjoyed stopping in at Don's gas station, he was always busy but made time for everyone. My father was a regular at Don's. Don's was near our home, so he could drop off his car and walk home, but mostly because he could visit with Don. Do you know the name of the person who today pumps your gas? Sure you do, it's you. Not like the good ole days. 

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Did you know… what is shown in this photo from 1957? 

Did you know… what is shown in this photo from 1957?