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Larry Vodenik
Special to the Chief
Did you know... what this group of Perry boys is doing?

Did you know… what this group of Perry boys is doing? These are the Perry Chief Carrier boys in 1903. The Chief was delivered six days a week at this time. Now, years later there were papergirls as well as paperboys. I carried the Perry Chief in my younger years. Not only did we deliver the newspaper, but collected the money for it every week as well. This and the Des Moines Register and Tribune were the first real job for many a Perry youth. I learned to take responsibility, show up on time, to handle money and make correct change. These are tasks that many workers today seem to not have mastered, even if they are years older than we were back then. 

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 Did you know … where this men's shop was located? 

Did you know… where this men's shop was located?