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Larry Vodenik
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Did you know BRR had two founding fathers, and who they were?

Did You Know... BRR had two founding fathers and who they were? The crazy duo who started the Bike Ride to Rippey was Jim Walstrom and Dennis Hurley. When you put these two together, they came up with the idea for a winter bike ride that has lasted for 44 years now. Over the years the ride has seen temperatures from sub-zero to the high 50s. Weather allowing the ride has grown from less than 20 riders to over 3,000 on a record warm weekend. The temps this week will hold down the ride numbers, but the ride that put us on the map will go on no less. The annual half-way hot chocolate stop sponsored by Hy-Vee will take place no matter what, stop up and see me on Saturday. The photo shown was of BRR Beer offered years ago. I still have an unopened bottle, if you're thirsty.

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Did You Know... the name of this restaurant or its location?

Did you know the name of this restaurant or its location?