Health and Wellness: Do’s and don’ts for Halloween

Ann Cochran - Dallas County Health Department

Do have fun this Halloween. Don’t forget to be safe.

Responsibly protecting yourself and others is part of Halloween 2020. Stay home if you’re sick or were exposed to COVID-19. Hosts are responsible for providing a safe setting: this is not the year for an alcohol-laden party that decreases everyone’s good sense.

Do carve pumpkins and decorate your home with your household members. Have a scavenger hunt. Watch movies with your family. Hold a small group, outdoor costume parade where people can distance more than six feet apart.

Did you know that a costume mask doesn’t offer adequate protection from COVID-19?  Instead, wear a two or three-layer fabric mask that covers the mouth and nose. Choose one that coordinates with your costume.

Do plan how to safely distribute trick or treat goodies. If your porch/doorway is crowded, consider setting up along the sidewalk. Remind kids not to crowd. Use a tongs or scoop to drop treats into bags. Don’t take children to trick or treat outside your own community.

On top of worries about COVID-19, minimize your risk of catching the flu with safe practices. If possible, get a flu vaccine now to be protected by Halloween.