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Larry Vodenik - Special to The Chief
Perry Chief

Did You Know… where Don’s Shoe store was located? Don’s was located at 1203 2nd St, in what today is the north part of The Tin Pig. A shoe store called Wild and Rall opened in that location in 1890. The location was home to several different shoe stores from Marckres, Forbes, Foley and finally Don’s Shoes in 1961. Perry has had any number of shoe stores over the years, Kerlin’s, Pete’s Majestic, Graney’s, Eddy’s and Joebgen’s to name but a few. There were also department stores with shoe departments as well. There was a time when Spurgeon’s, Montgomery Ward’s, Anthony’s and Penny’s were all open at the same time selling shoes. It seemed to me growing up that my family at least had OUR FAMILY shoe store, funeral home, drug store, gas station and grocery store we visited most frequently. The staff at those businesses knew my family and took good care of us. This was a great time to grow up in a small town.

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Did You Know… most Iowa towns have a town square, Perry has a triangle.