Health and Wellness: Natural energy boost

Ann Cochran - Dallas County Public Health
Perry Chief

We’ve spent weeks not stirring from our homes, and now that the weather is favorable, we’re out of the habit of walking, biking, running, etc. We have the blahs, and can’t seem to get our energy back.

Here are five ways to get a natural energy boost.

Eat small and snack smart. Large meals make us more inclined to just sit. Snacks with both carbohydrates and protein provide both a quick boost and staying power.

Eat breakfast. Skip sugary cereal, donuts and syrup. Choose whole grains and protein.

Drink water. Our bodies are mostly water; becoming dehydrated make us tired and causes headaches. Maybe those headaches you’ve been having aren’t from a lack of caffeine, but from a lack of water. Try drinking a glass of water before each serving of your favorite caffeinated beverage – you’ll drink more water and less caffeine.

Get moving. Ironically, when you are feeling the blahs, and really don’t want to get up, that’s the time to take a brisk walk (even inside the house.)

Get enough sleep. Choose a workable sleep schedule and stick to it.

Teach your body to renew its own energy in a healthful way, without caffeine and other stimulants.