PerryScope: On this day, 108 years ago

Hometown Heritage
The Rude Auto Company, shortly after it opened its doors in 1911. PHOTO COURTESY HOMETOWN HERITAGE ARCHIVES

July 28, 1911: Brothers Perry and John Rude opened the doors to their new building on the corner of First and Warford.

Their new location offered significant improvements over their former location on Willis — a display room, office, repair room, and storage for 25 cars.

“One of the most appreciated things,” writes Marjorie Patterson in A Town Called Perry, “was the new method of filing the gas tanks. Instead of the old way with a bucket and funnel, the gas now ran through a hose from a measuring machine directly into the car’s tank.”

The Rude brothers sold their first six-cylinder car in October ­— a Mitchell five-passenger, for $1,750.

They were so successful at selling cars that factories began limiting the number that they would ship to Perry, in order to have enough for other towns.