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Larry Vodenik - Special to The Chief

Did You Know… what the box shown was used for? In the era when milk companies made home delivery, these boxes were placed by your door, so in this case, Anderson & Erickson could place your milk inside. There was also home bread delivery as well. Doctors made house calls, dry cleaning, ice and groceries all were delivered to your door. Today home deliveries are making a comeback. Amazon, among others, ship direct to you. I do grocery deliveries for Hy-Vee, a nice service for working families. I still miss going downtown to shop. Need something? Remember to check out everything Perry has to offer. If we do not support our local retailers, they could be forced to go away. That local store pays property taxes, as well as their employees, do. Amazon gives nothing back to our town.

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Did You Know… where this school was located?