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Larry Vodenik - Special to The Chief

Did You Know… Who the Perry Restaurant icons are shown here? Yes, that is Bill and Kay from the Perry Maid-Rite. With our recent loss of Bill, I wanted to say what a big part of our community he was. I was in the restaurant business at the same time as Bill. Now you have read in my previous articles that I love Maid-Rites. Whenever I stopped into their restaurant, Bill would ask something to the effect of ” What’s wrong with the food at your place Vodenik?” I looked forward to the food and the fun poked at me. I also knew if I needed anything for my restaurant that all I had to do was ask, and Bill would do all he could to help. One of the things I love most about my small town is the people like Bill. Bill and I were competitors, not enemies. If you ever happened to cross paths with him you know what a nice person he was. Perry lost one of the good ones!

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