Did you know…

Larry Vodenik - Special to The Chief

Did You Know… the name of this restaurant? That is the Maid-Rite, in its original location. The new Maid-Rite was built behind this building. I remember when they had car hop service here. I still am a big fan of Maid-Rites. They are getting harder to find, as time passes. When I have to go to Des Moines for appointments, I plan a visit to the one in Merle Hay Mall. It seems that many of my memories of growing up in Perry have something to do with food. I remember the Spaghetti & Italian salad dressing from Sam and Chucks. The egg salad sandwich from Holcombs. Burgers from the Perry Bowl. I miss green rivers and grapette soda. These are just a few, I won’t even start with what great things my mother made.

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Did You Know… what intersection is shown, in this Perry photo from 1941?