Did You Know - Nov. 23, 2017

Larry Vodenik - Special to The Chief

Did You Know… where this photo was taken in 1970? The photo shows a veterans ceremony, at the GAR Civil War monument in Violet Hill Cemetery. This monument, in need of major repairs to ensure that it was not lost, was saved through the efforts of the Perry’s Historic Preservation Commission.

This is just one of many projects the Commission has undertaken, to save, and remember, various parts of Perry history. This photo has a personal tie for me, in that the soldier shown, was my father.

With Veterans Day just past, I want to say, Perry lost one of its best on Veterans Day. Jim Haas, a veteran, local business person and all around Perry supporter.

I do historic photo shows at class reunions and retirement communities. While at Spring Valley doing a presentation, Jim shared a very interesting story on the 1945 Woolworth fire. I plan to share his story in every presentation I do in the future. Thank You, Jim, for bringing Perry history alive for me, and thank you for your service.

Next Week

Did You Know… where this photo from 1931 was taken and why it was a first for Perry?