Letter to the Editor: Dallas County Supervisor Mark Hanson

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Letter to the Editor: Dallas County Supervisor Mark Hanson

I would like to thank the citizens of Dallas County for their support in the primary for re-election as county supervisor. I am very proud of the fact that Dallas County is financially healthy and is a place where people want to live, work and play. We will continue to build on our progress, maintain fiscal stability and low taxes, ensuring our tax dollars are spent wisely, and providing quality services and a balanced budget.

As the county continues to grow, I am dedicated to finding solutions that Dallas County residents can support. This includes: a public safety facility to assist Sheriff Leonard and the work of the Sheriff’s Office and first responders; a proposal to increase the membership from three to five elected supervisors; improved road and bridge infrastructure; use of technology and strategic planning to reduce costs and enhance services; opportunities and resources for county employees; smart economic development and land use choice; and preservation of natural resources and quality of life.

I encourage the residents, property owners, county employees, business leaders, public officials and visitors of Dallas County to contact me with their ideas and suggestions to make our great county even better.

Mark A. Hanson, Chairman, Dallas County Board of Supervisors

Email: mhansoniowa@gmail.com; Cell: (515)210-7008