Fantasy Football week 4: What just happened?

Cesar J ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief

Participating in fantasy football has its euphoric moment. Ask any fantasy player and they’ll agree that there is such a great feeling watching your fantasy teams put a butt whooping on your opponent, while concurrently your favorite NFL team wins its contest. It’s like life makes sense again. All is good in the world.

The same cannot be said when your fantasy teams performed as if they were in a pee-wee football scrimmage, but your beloved NFL team craps the pot against one of the league’s most underachieving franchises. I felt like an ACME cartoon character with a constant dark cloud looming overhead, which would continuingly strike at my soul.

I know I’m being a bit dramatic. But at least for me that’s how bad it stings, temporarily of course. I do take comfort knowing that this weekend I was not alone. Many fantasy owners witnessed their own team(s) underachieve. Great players performed below their averages. This week points were hard to come by. Two out of the three leagues I am in saw low scores. During the season this anomaly occurs without warning. Fantasy owners have to brace themselves and pray to the football gods that it doesn’t happen during meaningful contests. I take solace knowing that losing like this in week two hurts, but not as much as if it would’ve happened during a playoff push, or worse, a championship game.

Now, some people might read this and argue that this outlook is a desperate attempt to ease my pain. Where one sees desperate, I see…..okay, desperate. It’s just the only way for me to halt the panic. I hope this is an isolated incident. If not, I see myself having to rebuild my team in hopes that my season doesn’t go up in smoke.

Question: How do you deal with these huge losses? How would you fix it?