Stephanie Says: Four reasons to be pumped about marching band

Stephanie Ivankovich

Earlier this week I visited Perry High School and was very impressed with the marching band.

Although I haven’t seen them perform during a game, I can already tell they are going to be great. I watched them at 7 a.m. practice and these students mean business. They are no older than 18-years-old and they wake up every morning before school starts to practice, it’s quite amazing.

When I was in high school, once a month, I would have to wake up early to distribute newspapers before the school day began with other Black and White writers/editors. This was my “waking up early” so I give these band members a lot of credit.

The band instructor, Brandon Weeks, is very passionate about the marching band. Not only has he made the members excited, he has made me excited for what’s to come.

I can’t wait to watch them perform.

Here’s why:

1.The uniforms

These uniforms are brand-spankin’ new. They replaced 20-year-old uniforms earlier in the month.

2. They will get you pumped

It’s the job of any side-line entertainment but there’s something about the horns and drums that makes you want to yell “Go Bluejays!”

3. They’re a “new band”

Weeks told the Perry Chief people won’t recognize the band. “We have new uniforms, we are doing a whole new show, we have a new trailer, new instruments, almost a new attitude even. I can’t wait to go out in public and show people this.”

4. It’s practically in your own backyard

The band performs at HOME football games. You really don’t have to travel far to see them