Fantasy Football kick-off: Here we go

Cesar J ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief.com

“Hooray! Today’s the day! “The sun is shining, the tank is clean. The tank is clean!” I couldn’t agree more with that line from the movie Finding Nemo; At least with the former. I don’t own a fish tank and if I did I’d freak out if I saw my fish talking.

But it was the first Sunday of what I call the five-month dysfunctional relationship from hell between fantasy football owners and their inanimate partner.

For me this past Sunday felt as if I was in line at a new restaurant as I aimlessly stared at the sides desperately trying to choose the right ones hoping I wouldn’t screw it up. Especially as I could feel the server’s eyes pierce my soul with that fake take-your-time smile. Quick note: Just painting a picture here. All my servers are great so please don’t mess with my food.

The reason for the uncertainty was that a fantasy game hinges on how correctly you manage your team. Obviously, but there is nothing worse than benching a player and then painfully watch him outperform the guy that took his place.

A perfect example is what just happened to me. After I learned that Tampa Bay’s wide receiver Mike Evans was not playing, I was faced with a tough decision. Who would I replace Evan with? It came down to Green Bay’s receiver James Jones or Baltimore Ravens’ Steve Smith Sr. I can already hear Packers fans yelling Jones! Jones! Jones! Jones had an outstanding game in his return to the frozen tundra. He had four receptions for 51 yards and two touchdowns, while Smith Sr. had a gentleman’s 13 yards on two receptions. So I spent Sunday night wallowing in misery as I clearly started the wrong guy.

Today many would question my decision, especially Mister Hindsight or Captain Obvious. It’s easy to criticize when you already have the end result. I chose Smith Sr. for a variety of reasons. One being he is the lone superstar receiver in Baltimore. Jones had just returned after a miserable season with the Raiders. Aaron Rodgers has so many weapons as receiver so I figured Jones wouldn’t see many targets. In truth, Jones had a successful day because of the two touchdowns. Without those it would have been a mediocre day. All in all, I went 1-1-1 this week.

For now I’ll have to “let it go! let it go!” Wow! Two Disney references in one blog. I guess that’s what happens when one becomes a parent. I’ll make sure to expand my repertoire. Follow me next week as I look to bounce back from my disappointing fantasy week 1.

Also I am curious to find out if most people listen to so called analyst, or go with their gut?