Ask a Latino: Give me some me time

Cesar ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief.com

Anyone who is married or living with someone coupled with an infant enjoys those hard to come by minutes of alone time. Sometimes your batteries need recharging and you just want some of that me time away from your family. I’m not saying that our families can drive us crazy, but our families can drive us crazy. So we grasp ever so tightly to those wonderful occasions of solitude. But what happens when you get a full week of “you” time and realize too much “you” time can get pretty lonely fast, especially when the only people you have are the two that are now a thousand miles away.

Two Sundays ago, my wife Melissa and my son Ethan left me. They packed up the suitcase and went back to Miami, Fl. I forgot to mention that they went to visit family. Sorry for the dramatic intro. At first I thought, ‘woo-hoo! A week to myself! I can come and go as I please, not have to change diapers, ignore the dirty dishes and watch countless hours of Game of Thrones and college and pro football.’ “Freedom!” (Mel Gibson, Braveheart).

When left to your own devices, a person realizes some startling truths. First, I don’t have the eclectic cooking I thought I had. Man, my wife cooked a lot. I mean a lot. Maybe it was time I cook just a little more. Second, dirty dishes are expected when you are young living in a dorm room or by yourself. Yeah, it is downright disgusting and pathetic when you’re pushing 40. I like having the kitchen clean and smelling pine fresh. Third, watching so much television from sunrise to sunset only moving to use the bathroom or go to bed is disturbing. One night or maybe two nights is okay. But all week? Yikes! Get a friend. At least that’s how I felt. Lastly, as much as I loved me some me time, I noticed how quickly I missed my son and better half. After a couple of hours I found myself taking frequent strolls into my son’s room. I would organize his toys and even tried to climb into his crib. I am just kidding about the last one…or am I? I did enjoy binge watching Breaking Bad, but quickly took in the fact that it is so much more enjoyable with my wife by my side making comments like,” Who’s that?” or “Why did he do that?” Woman! I am watching the same new episode as you.

My solitude came to an end this past Monday as I was able to pick them up from the airport. I did the whole waiting at the airport with that anxious look kids get when waiting to open Christmas presents. I am sure that eventually I’ll crave some alone time, but for now I am happy and grateful that three’s a crowd.

Question: Am I alone on this or are there people out there that feel the same way? And if you are like me what do you do to past the time?