Start of the NFL regular season: Let the Fantasy Football headaches begin

Cesar J ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief
Start of the NFL regular season: Let the Fantasy Football headaches begin

Ten seconds remained as I desperately scanned through hundreds of names hoping to find that one superstar that had gone unnoticed. Ding! Ding! The timer rang in my ear indicating five seconds were left and I had to quickly decide. Three..two..submitted. “Phew! That was close,” I murmured to myself.

Ninety seconds was all the time I had to choose between life and death. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But for many Fantasy Football players, these picks were the difference between being crowned champion, or abandoning your ship because a massive iceberg took a chunk out for breakfast.

Some would say that I may need some professional help, which after this season, I might. Those who share my common interest might lend a shoulder to cry on. With just days away before the start of the NFL season, many “fanatics” like myself will be playing the endless rollercoaster of what I like to call the: What if? Who should? Well if he.. syndrome. “What if I would’ve chosen this player instead of this one?” Who should I play this week?” And my favorite, the ever-popular: ”Well if he has a good season…”

I, like so many, fool myself into thinking that I control my team’s success and failures and that the players I selected were done methodically with countless hours of studying. Oh what a web we weave! It’s true that I listened to sports radio and read up on the latest fantasy rumors, but the truth is that no amount of studying or listening predicts how a player performs. You just have to grit your teeth and hope for the best.

The only control you have is not annoying your partner with fantasy football talk. Trust me. They don’t care; they are just amusing you. The other thing is following injury reports, free agents and watching the games to see if you see the next unclaimed big talent. Of course you should pray that no one else on your team snags him up before you. Ugh, nothing is more frustrating than that.

Until next Monday I won’t know if my decisions paid off or cost me more than a weekend of misery. Anyway, I will update you on my outcome.

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