Stephanie Says

Stephanie Ivankovich

Even for being what some would call a “girly-girl,” I couldn’t be any more excited for football season. I mean, it seems every American loves football, but the start of the college season really kicks it off.

Iowa or Iowa State? I’m a Grand View University alumnus. I like the Vikings. But as far as being a Hawkeye or a Cyclone? I’m a Cyclone. I’m marrying into it.

My fiance went to Iowa State University and he was heavily involved. I WAS a Hawkeye fan but I converted. I’m really glad I did. Last year I went to several games. I got the full experience. I was in the bleachers, the suite and I even tailgated with die-hard fans. It was a truly great experience… minus Iowa State’s actual football skills. But hey, we’ll talk more about Iowa State’s skills this basketball season.

When speaking of football you can’t forget the NFL. I was never a huge football fan growing up. I blame that on my Croatian dad who bleeds soccer. Even though the NFL isn’t popular in my family I chose a team to root for- the New York Giants. The New York Giants seemed the most fitting because of three reasons. Reason one: Iowa doesn’t have a team. Reason two: I’m from New York. Reason three: Dave Diehl was a linebacker. Diehl is Croatian so I naturally had to root for him.

Me being a Giants fan changed after I started dating my fiance AKA the die-hard Packers fan. Yes. I know, I know. I converted my teams for someone. I’m now a Packers fan. I proudly stand firm on not being a bandwagon fan though. I changed teams just for him on the condition he will take me to a game in Green Bay. Plus Diehl was retiring.

As a Packers fan I’ve gained a fair amount of green and yellow clothing, a dog named Flynn— after Matt Flynn, I learned how to make tasty appetizers for game day parties and I am actually rooting for a GOOD team. Even though we lost a key player to injury in preseason I’m hoping the Packers can still be strong. But we’ll see. Go Pack go!

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