Let the festivities begin!

: Cesar J ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief

After a somewhat long week (long enough to get home when the baby was already asleep for the night), I was looking forward to make the most of the weekend with my family. Yes I had to cover some volleyball games early Saturday morning with my family in town but Ethan is up way before, which means the rest of us are too. Lounging in his car seat, he seemed mesmerized with all that came with his first volleyball game. He followed the sounds, the ball and the players’ movements like a seasoned spectator. That’s my boy! Gotta train them young! For my wife, who once admitted to having dabbled in the sport when she was in 8th grade but felt like she was only picked because she was an upperclassmen, it was nostalgic to watch. And that’s even though she only got to play the first game of the season before her mom made her quit (she wasn’t thrilled about her first game ending at 9:30 p.m. on a school night). She admits she was pretty awful at it but was upset her mom didn’t give her a chance to see if she’d get better. That was one thing she said she wanted to avoid doing with Ethan. I, on the other hand, would probably push for him to play a safer sport like golf which means he’ll push for something more physical like football. We followed the game with a stop at the Perry Latin Fest. It was great to meet and mingle with more of the local community but the highlight of the event for me was trying pupusas for the first time. I know you’re probably thinking: Where have I been? Truth be told, I didn’t explore Latin food outside of what I grew up with (Taco Bell does not count) until I met my wife whose ethnic background is Peruvian and Colombian. Shame on me because it was a delicious fried pocket of cheesy meaty goodness. Needing to return home for a few errands before heading to the Ingersoll festival, we ended our first Latin Fest experience with some livestock watching (Ethan can’t get enough since the fair), coffee-drinking and antique gazing. The Mrs. mentioned how friendly people were here compared to her experience in Des Moines so far. It was almost like being back in Athens with all the wonderful hospitality. To cap off our early evening, we took in the sights, sounds and tastes at the 2800 block of Ingersoll. Minutes after arriving we heard a band playing salsa music. That’s when both of us felt like we were back in Miami during our salsa dancing days (not professionally by any stretch). To a bit of my surprise, my wife asked me to dance but I think she was a little influenced by her beer. We were a little rusty at first but had so much fun getting our salsa on. We certainly worked up our appetites and couldn’t say anything negative about the pizza, Korean chicken wings and ice cream sandwiches we tried. As parents of an infant, daytime events catered for kids and adults is where it’s at. Maybe one evening, once we have a sitter, my wife and I can come out when it’s dark out and enjoy downtown Iowa’s nightlife. But who am I kidding? We’ll probably be exhausted by 8. For shame!