Fantasy Football Week 2: Who to draft and not to draft?

Cesar J ToledoSports Reporter@cjtheperrychief.com

Many leagues have already drafted players and constructed what each owner believes is their championship team. All three of my leagues continue to sit in darkness as I anxiously wait to summon NFL players onto my roster.

Two of my leagues will be drafting this Tuesday and Friday. My final league loves the suspense and drama that goes into the season. We will be waiting till kickoff eve to set our rosters in motion. Is it a little annoying? Yes! But like so many other leagues around the world, we want to dot our “I”’s and cross those “T”’s before drafting any player that might be ineligible to play.

With preseason football still hanging around like a young sibling tagging along – oblivious to the fact that their older counterparts are frowning over their mere presence – top players still have a chance of becoming injured, being waived, or getting suspended because of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) or any violent charge. (Cough) Adrian Peterson (cough).

So waiting until the last minute is a lot more common that one might think. That being said, this is the week that two of my teams will finally take shape. After Friday I will have a sense of how far my team will advance this season. Yeah right, I wish. It is impossible to make predictions, because just like the game of Craps, who you roll the dice on is pure luck. No science or mathematics is involved. It’s just a game of wait and chance to see if the player you want is still around or if some clueless newbie picked up random players. Follow me next week as I will reveal who I drafted, what I think my chances are, and if I ended up looking like a bumbling idiot for drafting the wrong player.