March Finest of the Flock

Submitted by Perry Middle School
The March Finest of the Flock students include, from left, Carlos Ruiz-Aragon, Yasmin Tapia, Jacob Morales, Owen Zander, Sofia Saenz and Delaney Miller.

Perry Middle School recently recognized the March Finest of the Flock recipients.   

Each student was recognized for their 21st century employability skills, but for a slightly different reason. 

Yasmin Tapia was recognized for being hardworking, personable, helpful to classmates, for going out of her way to talk to classmates and teachers each day and for being a student-athlete in soccer and track. Carlos Ruiz-Aragon was recognized for being hardworking, helpful to his peers in math and reading, independent and self-motivated, for doing his best work the first time and for using his class time productively. 

Jacob Morales was recognized for having a great attitude, being nice to everyone, being very polite and for raising his hand to speak. Delaney Miller was recognized for being a hard worker, always being polite, having a great attitude and being willing to help. 

Sofia Saenz was recognized because she works well with others, has a great work ethic and is a fantastic problem solver. She is also self-motivated and includes others to get work done. Owen Zander was recognized for being empathetic and including others, being kind to adults and caring about other students and adults. He also works well with others and helps them if they are confused.