March Bluejay Leaders

Submitted by Perry Elementary School

Perry Elementary recently announced the Bluejay Leaders for the month of March. Students are selected each month by teachers for displaying respectful, responsible and safe behaviors throughout the school. 

Check out who was named a March Bluejay Leader below: 

Kindergarten students include, front row, from left, Charlie Riley, Faith Kanealy, Lucy Maldonado and Joel Mendez; middle row, Madison Hulgan, Luis Santos-Garcia, Mackenzie Woehl, Jayden Ruedas-Molales and Danna Nelson; and back row, Ariana Hernendez, Carter West, Jaxson Hollingsworth, Charlie Rios and Eri Saldivar Galvez.
First grade students include, front row, from left, Nazirah Ezeririg, Diego Cruz-Ramirez and Isabella Hernandez; middle row, Trinity Enriquez, Izabella Sellers, Santiago Flores; and back row, Chelsea Richardson, Ruben Banales and Celia Calvillo-Castillo. Not pictured: Norman Perez and Lailah Lewis.
Second grade students include, front row, from left Brunno Gonzalez, Abraham Hernandez and Bak Akot; middle row, Haley Perla, Kyra Snyder and Mia Wright; and back row, Abraham Rios, Briella Nath and Thomas Trotter.  Not pictured: Aurora Sheehy, Agatha Pommer and Aubreanna Olgren.
Third grade students include, front row, front left, Danna Contreras, Kay Berkley and Trace Vondra; middle row, Leyla Girkins, Abby Hernandez and Quinn Diaz; and back row, Gavin Landgrebe, Duc Dang and Melany Mineros-Rivas. Not pictured: David Mora.
Fourth grade students include, front row, from left, Xavier Leake, Jimmie Shields and Bryton Ward; middle row, Jeremy De Paz, Keyri Coreas-Zelaya and Jose Clemente-Casas; and back row, Faith Murphy, Miranda Davila, Jayden Mapes and Gredmarie Ramirez. Not pictured: Aubree Sheehy.
Fifth grade students include, front row, from left, Aurora Garnett, Matthew DeGregory and Oscar Panama; middle row, Ashley Lopez-Delgado, Hayden Gilmore and Jasmine Gonzalez; and back row, Mayen Bak, Evan Dillinger and Harper Peterson. Not pictured: Alexis Vargas.