Perry High School building trades department to hold open house May 31 for student-built home

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief
Perry High School students work on the third student-built home on Monday, May 23.

The third house built by Perry High School students will be open to the community on Tuesday, May 31.

The building trades department plans to have the house open for tours from 3-7 p.m. Tuesday at 2124 Otley, on the corner of 12th and Otley. Hot dogs and hamburgers will also be served.

While the house won’t be finished, PHS industrial tech instructor Chad Morman said the open house will be an opportunity for the students to show off what they have done this year.

This year’s home is larger, at 1,900 square feet on one level compared to the around 1,300 square feet homes completed in the past two years. The third home also features five bedrooms and three bathrooms on two levels.

Another difference, Morman said, is the first two homes were built as spec homes while the third was a pre-sold custom build.

“Being a custom build to a regular one, the kids get to see more of the detail of how everything goes into it,” Morman said. “And the homeowner wants this, we thought this would work, they want that, which is part of the process of building a home.”

Community members are invited to tour the third home built by Perry High School students from 3-7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31 at 2124 Otley.

Around six to seven Perry students worked on multiple aspects of building the home, from the foundation on up. Morman said the homeowner wanted a wood foundation, which isn’t as common. The students spent a good majority of their time during the first semester getting the wood foundation set and a local construction company then came in to help finish it up and get it sealed. While the extra work put them behind where they normally are by Thanksgiving, Morman said it gave the students a chance to see what all goes into building a custom home.

“It’s nice to see that now, going from two spec houses to a pre-sold home and probably a second pre-sold home, it’s nice to see that the community is getting behind all of that and knowing about it and seeing it grow,” Morman said of the building trades department program.

Four more lots are available for the department to build more homes in the 2100 block of Otley Avenue, with the possibility of three more lots as the program continues to grow.

Morman encourages the community to come see what the students have been working on during the open house on May 31, even if they toured the homes last year.

“The fun part of doing that is that everything changes. It’s always new, it’s always what the homeowner wants,” he said of this year’s home.

Perry High School students work on the third student-built home on Monday, May 23.