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Larry Vodenik
Special to the Chief
Did you know… where this men's shop was located?

Did You Know… where this men's shop was located? This was a men's clothing store located at 1205 Second St. Starting life as Robinsons Clothing in 1899, it became Floyd Bailey Clothing in 1913 as shown. Stern and Field Men's Wear started there in 1939 and ran until 1971 when it became Lords Clothing. I worked at Stern & Fields for several years in the late 1950s and early 60s. During this period, Perry had two other men's shops. With Sterns, Morgans and Gardners plus Wards, Penney's, Anthony's and Spurgeons all selling menswear, Perry offered lots of choices. I wrote in an earlier article how I needed a belt. Now Orscheln had some work belts but not what I needed. Oh, how I miss those days of more local shops and more choices. 

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Did You Know … who this person is? I do not often show people in my article, but thought I'd see if there was interest in that. 

Did you know... who this person is?