Crossroads Church holds building dedication for renovation project

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief

Rick Gates still can’t believe how well the reconfigured space works for the Crossroads Church.

“Every time I walk up the stairs I think, this used to be in the air,” said Gates, the pastor at Crossroads Church, of the added second story. “We actually have more useful, functional space for ourselves now than we did before.”

The church first moved to its current building at 2810 1st Ave., Perry around 15 years ago. After renting space in the former middle school building, the church decided to build its own space once they were notified the building was going to be torn down. Crossroads Church built a building and leased out a portion of it to New Opportunities. Around two years ago, the organization then approached Crossroads Church about purchasing a part of the building to expand its Early Head Start program.

Church members chat with the contractors involved with the recent renovation at Crossroads Church during a building dedication ceremony on Sunday, May 16.

Gates said the church took a look at what they would need for space as they would lose their bathrooms, kitchen and classrooms. The other side of the church building featured one large space with the auditorium and gym.

“We sort of walked in one day and said there’s an awful lot of space up in the air. It seems like we ought to be able to build two stories in here,” Gates said.

Plans were drawn up and work started on the project in July of 2020. The downstairs portion includes a new lobby, nursery, classroom, kitchen and coffee-shop area as well as bathrooms. A wall was added to section off the previous auditorium area as well as a sound booth in the back of the room.

Gates said while the kitchen is smaller than what they had before, it’s very functional. Sliding doors are set to be added to the coffee-shop area in the future.

Chairs and tables inside the new coffee-shop area at Crossroads Church.

The new upstairs portion of the building features four classrooms and three offices. A window was added in one of the upstairs classrooms that looks out over the auditorium.

Crossroads Church held a building dedication on May 16 as a way to thank all of the contractors involved in the renovation project.

“We invited all of the contractors because they all had a part in this. We appreciate them and their skill and ability and just wanted to honor them,” Gates said.

One of the upstairs classrooms at Crossroads Church as part of a recent renovation project.

Some of the contractors involved in the project attended the service on May 16, which featured songs and a dedication prayer. Snacks were served and community members could check out the renovated space. A space that still surprises Gates.

“It’s crazy to think that 15 years ago when we built the whole thing, we thought that was the answer. It was, for a time, but this is an even better answer for us,” he said. 

“It’s just really, really a remarkable thing that God has done and we’re very grateful,” Gates added.

He also expressed his gratitude for the contractors involved in the renovation project during the dedication ceremony on May 16.

“Thank you for helping put this space together, this base of operations for us to serve this community,” Gates said.

Rick Gates, pastor at Crossroads Church, speaks during a building dedication ceremony on Sunday, May 16. The church recently finished a renovation project that added a second floor with additional classroom and office space.