Perry manufacturer donates $500K to help launch Hotel Pattee, La Poste capital campaign

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief
Osmundson Manufacturing President Heather Bruce speaks on Thursday, March 4 at the Hotel Pattee.

A fundraising campaign to purchase the Hotel Pattee and La Poste got a major boost Thursday.

Tom Burkgren, representing Perry Economic Development and Perry Industries , announced during a news conference at the Hotel Pattee that Osmundson Manufacturing donated $500,000 to the campaign. A news release said that the donation helps launch the $2 million public campaign phase as part of the overall capital campaign to purchase and operate the Hotel Pattee and La Poste.

“We can’t underestimate the value of this gift for the importance to stand up Hotel Pattee and La Poste as continued pillars of this community,” Burkgren said Thursday.

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The two organizations represented by Burkgren have an agreement with current hotel owner Maxwell Hospitality, LLC and HPLP, LLC to purchase the Hotel Pattee and La Poste. A news release said a combination of public funding and private contributions will make up the public-private partnership funding model for the purchase and operation of both properties.

Tom Burkgren, representing Perry Economic Development and Perry Industries, speaks on Thursday, March 4 at the Hotel Pattee.

Burkgren said Thursday that a fundraising campaign was started a couple weeks ago as board members have talked with businesses and individuals. Before board members talked to Osmundson Mfg., Burkgren said current president Heather Bruce reached out to them about donating to the campaign. 

Osmundson Mfg. is a fifth-generation owned company and Bruce said her father, Douglas Bruce, was very involved when it came to Perry.

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“Perry has always been a special place for my family,” she said. 

The Hotel Pattee also holds a special place for her family. Her father went to school with Roberta Ahmanson, who purchased the Hotel Pattee in 1993 and completed a full renovation of the property.

“The hotel itself is just a centerpiece for this town and it means the world that it’s able to stay here and thrive some more,” Bruce said.

She also thanked her team at Osmundson Mfg. for all of their work to allow the company to make the $500,000 donation to the fundraising campaign.

“A big thank you to Heather, her family and her team out at Osmundson for their gracious and very generous gift this morning,” Burkgren said.

The fundraising campaign has passed the midway point, but Burkgren said work still needs to be done as they plan to close on the hotel on April 1.

“Our hope is that with the generosity and how gracious Heather has been with Osmundson’s gift that it will inspire others in the community to come forward and provide their gifts,” Burkgren said. “Any amount is welcome. We want this to be a community hotel.”

Heather Bruce, president of Osmundson Manufacturing, poses for a photo with members of the Perry Economic Development Board of Directors on Thursday, March 4 at the Hotel Pattee.