A fresh look: Perry Hy-Vee makes updates to the produce department

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief
Perry Hy-Vee Store Manager Eric Doughan talks about the updates made to the produce department.

Those who have shopped in Perry Hy-Vee may have noticed a new look at the front of the store.

Store Manager Eric Doughan said the produce department recently underwent a renovation as brand new refrigerated cases and additional signage were added. 

“Really just a whole, brand-new look. It’s just going to be awesome for our customers, our community and our store,” he added.

Doughan said Hy-Vee has been doing an initiative called Produce 2020 to revamp the looks of the produce departments throughout the company. Perry’s remodel was completed on Monday, Dec. 7.

Some of the new displays in the produce department inside the Perry Hy-Vee store.

Customers will see new refrigerated cases, wet rack, dry pods, tables and additional signage.

“The biggest thing will just be that quality aspect of it,” Doughan said of the refrigerated cases and wet rack. “It’s helping us keep the produce better, longer here which helps keep it better, longer at the customer’s house as well.”

The new refrigerated cases will also allow the Perry store to expand the variety of what they already offer, Doughan said, including in the organic section and in the shortcut options for pre-cut fruit and more.

The dry pods and tables also have a new look with additional signage for items like apples, onions and more.

Some of the new signage in the produce department at the Perry Hy-Vee store.

“It’s just a really cool addition to the department,” Doughan said of the new signage. 

The signage gives details about the different varieties of fruit or other produce, how to pick the best apple for an apple pie and more. 

“That’s just another added service that helps customers keep them informed, gives them some nutritional information as well,” Doughan said.

Produce Manager Skip Winey and Assistant Produce Manager Eldon Thompson have been enjoying the new look in the department. 

“Makes it look a lot slicker, I think,” Thompson said of the new cases and items in the department.

Perry Produce Manager Skip Winey stands in front of one of the new displays in the produce department.

“Yeah, a lot brighter,” Winey added.

“It’s got a nice, new, fresh look. I like it,” Thompson said. 

Doughan said customers have also noticed the new look.

“This store has been around for awhile now and has done really, really well in the community. The community has done such an awesome job supporting us so some of it is we just want to pay them back,” Doughan said of continuing to make updates throughout the Perry store.

Updating the produce department, he added, was another step in the process of growing to meet the customer’s needs.

“We just invite everyone to come check it out and see the finished product,” Doughan said.

The Perry Hy-Vee store now features new dry pods and tables in the produce department after a recent remodel.