Perry High School to present ‘Check Please’ Nov. 6-7

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief
Bryce Eastman gets in the face of Sebastian Hernandez during a recent rehearsal for Perry High School's production of "Check Please."

Actors in this fall’s Perry High School play can agree on one thing.

“It’s funny in some parts and some parts you’re like ‘why?’ You’re either laughing at the stupidity or…” senior Bella Nath said.

“You’re cringing at the stupidity,” junior Molly Moorhead added with a laugh.

Their fellow actors said the cringe factor is what brings the humor out of this year’s production of “Check Please.”

Perry High School will present “Check Please” at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6 and Saturday, Nov. 7 in the Perry Performing Arts Center.

Director Randy Peterson said this year’s production revolves around “a girl and a guy who are going through a series of increasingly awful first dates.” The two main characters eventually find each other after going on a number of dates with some colorful characters.

“I think it’s a really fun play. It’s really, really cringey but it’s really humorous for anyone who watches it,” Moorhead said.

The junior plays four different roles within the play, including Mary, Mimi, Donna and Julia. Moorhead said Mary already has their wedding and honeymoon planned out within one minute of her date with Guy.

Her other characters include Mimi, a mime, and Julia, who just laughs throughout the date.

“My personal favorite I play is Donna. She continuously answers the phone during the date with the most sassy voices. She keeps interrupting the date and it’s super funny,” Moorhead said.

She enjoys getting the chance to play so many different roles within one play.

“It’s really fun to expand my acting in the show and getting to experiment with a bunch of different acting styles I don’t usually get to do,” Moorhead said.

Molly Moorhead, as Mimi, acts out her date with Sebastian Hernandez during a rehearsal for "Check Please."

Fellow junior Amber Benway also enjoys playing a variety of characters, including Mary, Linda, Cleo and Kim. Her two favorite characters are Linda, a woman with multiple personalities, and Cleo, who claims to be a psychic.

“Linda is really out of my comfort zone but I really love getting out of my comfort zone,” Benway said. “It makes me laugh every time, especially having to play a monkey because I’ve never done it before. But something I strive to do, is just get better and better at everything including acting. 

As for the character of Cleo, Benway has to read her date’s foot instead of his palm.

“That’s a little out of my comfort zone as well because as my character I’m on a date with to take off his shoe and sock and I have to touch his foot and caress it. I think that’s a really cringey part, which we’ve all been saying is so cringey, but it’s so laughable,” Benway said.

Junior Bryce Eastman also gets the chance to play Linda, as well as Jackie and her personal favorite, Melanie.

Eastman said Melanie is a huge Chicago Bears fan and is listening to a playoff game against the Packers during her date with Guy.

“She has this earpiece in, listening to the game throughout it and they’re trying to talk to each other but she ends up screaming half the date. That one’s really fun,” Eastman said.

The scene is just one of many two-actor scenes peppered throughout the production. Peterson said this year’s play choice was deliberate as it allowed just two actors to be on the stage at one time instead of large clusters to comply with social distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 concerns also led to having two complete casts for this year’s production. One night will feature one cast while the other cast will perform on the following night.

Tickets will also be limited to around 100 out of the 630-seat auditorium. Peterson said they are only selling every third row and when a family buys a set of seats, there will be six feet to the left and right. 

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased by calling the high school, 515-465-3503, or at the door up to an hour before the show.

Ainsley Marburger's character tries to get her date to notice her during a recent rehearsal for "Check Please."

Cast Lists

  • Ainsley Marburger
  • Sebastian Hernandez
  • Molly Moorhead
  • Bryce Eastman
  • Kaylee Hay
  • Madelynn Hollingsworth
  • Alexa Nelson
  • Jose Chavez


  • Isabella Nath
  • Justice Moreland
  • Amber Benway
  • Kyla McKenzie
  • Kassidy Atwell
  • Candace Hoisington
  • Sarai Jaimes
  • Jefry Gonzalez