Attendees wave flags, honk horns in support of Trump during Patriot Parade

Allison Ullmann
Perry Chief

American flags, 2020 Trump “Keep America Great” flags and more flew from vehicles during a local Patriot Parade on Sunday, Oct. 25.

The parade started from the Stokely Lumber parking lot in Perry before making a loop through town.

Organizer Larry Carpenter enjoyed seeing around 75 supporters come out for the event.

“We’re the silent majority. I just decided we can’t be silent anymore because I know there’s a lot more like us,” Carpenter said of one of the reasons behind the parade.

Carpenter said he texted fellow organizer David Crooks about the idea of a parade. Within five minutes Carpenter said Crooks had started a Facebook page for the event.

Patriot Parade participants gather before the start of the parade on Sunday, Oct. 25.

“This is really word of mouth, it’s really amazing,” Carpenter said of the parade participants showing up on Sunday. 

The event’s Facebook page encouraged participants to show their support for President Trump, police, military and first responders. Vendors were on hand selling shirts, hats, flags and more.

Participants gathered in the Stokley Lumber parking lot putting flags on vehicles before the parade headed around town. 

Donald Pratt and his wife, Kathy, were among the attendees waiting for the parade to begin.

“I want to support Trump because I believe he helps all Americans. That’s pretty much it,” Donald Pratt said.

Donald and Kathy Pratt show their support for President Donald Trump during the Patriot Parade on Sunday, Oct. 25.

The pair enjoyed seeing the amount of support shown on Sunday.

“This is awesome,” Kathy said while looking around the parking lot.

“This is awesome, it’s about time,” Donald added.

Carpenter then gave a short speech before introducing state Sen. Jake Chapman. Chapman helped fire up the crowd before everyone got in their vehicles.

Flags flew and horns honked as the parade made its way through Perry. The parade then headed to Adel, De Soto, Stuart, Panora and more before ending in Jamaica.

“It’s really amazing. You think you’re the only one left but you’re not. There’s a lot of patriots left in this country,” Carpenter said.

Flags fly from vehicles during the Patriot Parade on Sunday, Oct. 25 in Perry.