Zip Code data available on Dallas County COVID-19 dashboard

Submitted by Dallas County Health Department
Dallas County COVID-19 dashboard.

On Sept. 16, the Iowa Department of Public Health provided local public health departments guidance on sharing zip code level data with our communities. In response to this guidance, and many community requests, the Dallas County Health Department will be making this information publically available on the Dallas County COVID-19 Dashboard. The shared data will be in compliance with the following guidelines:

  •  Data will only be released in zip codes with populations of 100 or greater
  •   Zip codes with 5 or less cases will be suppressed
  •  No other demographic identifiers will be included

Zip code level data is now displayed on the Dallas County COVID-19 Dashboard b. 14 day case counts will be regularly added and time stamped during normal weekday business hours. We use the 14 day time range because confirmed cases are considered to be infectious for 10 days, but cases are not typically reported for 48-72 hours. For municipal planning purposes, the 14 day total provides a relatively stable snapshot of possibly infectious persons. This data only includes positive test results; it is highly likely that there are ill people who have not been tested and are therefore not reflected in the data. Only Dallas County residents are represented in the zip codes that cross county borders.