City of Perry updates residents on storm debris pick up, dump sites

Submitted by City of Perry
Trees and debris following the storm that passed through Perry on Monday, Aug. 10 near the Perry Dog Park.

The city of Perry continues to keep residents informed about the storm debris cleanup. Below is the latest update from the city as of Wednesday, Sept. 9:

Debris Removal Process

City of Perry crews are completing the storm debris pick up and are beginning the removal of damaged limbs and trees in the parking. The City of Perry will no longer pick up storm debris from the neighborhoods. Residents may continue to haul their storm debris to the dump site at Pattee Park. Please use the Dog Park parking lot debris pile, since the Campground parking lot is full. This continues to be a free service for PERRY RESIDENTS ONLY.

This storm debris dump site is for yard and tree debris only! We have found fences, lawnmowers and other items in the pile. If you are caught dumping items like this in the pile, you will be asked to remove the items and may be subject to a fine!

In order to access FEMA funds, the City of Perry must document all damaged trees.  Crews will be photographing and marking trees for removal. If you have an “X” marked on a tree in the parking, this tree will be removed. There is no cost to the property owner for the removal of the marked tree in the parking.

If you are hiring a contractor to remove a tree on your property, please make sure they are registered with the City of Perry. Hiring a reputable contractor is important - make sure that they provide you with proof of insurance. Contractors must haul their own tree debris and may use the dump site at the Dog Park parking lot.

Please call City Hall at 515-465-2481 if you have any questions.