Perry Fareway presents round-up check for fireworks drive

Staff Report
Perry Chief

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic silencing events left and right, it wasn’t able to silence the 2020 version of the grocery bill round-up for the Fourth of July Fireworks Drive.

Before the fireworks lit up the night sky on July 4, the Perry Fareway presented a check of $1,359.68 to the Perry Chamber of Commerce after customers were asked to round-up their purchases to the nearest whole dollar. Due to the pandemic, what would have taken place in May and covered nine days was reduced to a six-day event that took place on June 29 and concluded on July 4. In total, just under 6,000 transactions were rounded up and the largest check contribution came in at $258.

“It was a great turnout for six days, said Perry Fareway store director Travis Landgrebe. “Everybody was really supportive again this year. In a short time, there was more money raised than I remember being raised.”

Landgrebe also mentioned that he was looking forward to helping to hit the $12,500 goal set at the beginning of the drive events.

“We really do have a lot of caring people in the community who enjoy and want to see fireworks,” said Landgrebe. “We’re glad to help out with that.”

If you are interested in donating for future Fourth of July Fireworks Drives, contact the Chamber at, give them a call at (515)-465-4601, or simply stop into their office at 1124 Willis Ave.