Resurfacing work to start June 15 on Highway 144

Submitted to The Chief
Perry Chief

Beginning Monday, June 15, resurfacing work will be taking place on Iowa Highway 144 (1st Street) from Iowa Highway 141 to one-half mile north of Park Street in Perry. This work will involve milling 17 feet of both outside edges of the existing pavement. Approximately 4 to 7 days after the milling starts, resurfacing will begin. The resurfacing is planned to be done in three passes. The first pass will be the outside 17 feet of the north bound lanes. The second pass will be the outside 17 feet of the southbound lanes. The final pass will be down the middle. It is anticipated that each pass of paving will take one day.

With both the milling and the resurfacing work, traffic on Highway 144 (1st Street) will be allowed in both directions through 11 foot lanes. Temporary closures will be required on side roads and entrances during this work. All efforts will be made to get the entrances and side roads open as quickly as possible. Traffic on Highway 144 (1st Street) may need to be stopped with flaggers for brief periods.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no disruption to any 1st Street garbage routes during this process.

Please call Todd McCullough (Iowa Department of Transportation) at 641-202-1076 or Brian Beaird (Des Moines Asphalt and Paving) at 515-240-0209 if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience during this project.