COVID-19 concerns prompt Perry CSD to temporarily suspend grab-and-go meal program

Allison Ullmann - Editor
Perry's grab-and-go meal program has been temporarily suspended because of COVID-19 concerns in the community.

The Perry Community School District has temporarily suspended its free grab-and-go lunch program, Superintendent Clark Wicks said.

He added that concerns over COVID-19 in the community prompted the district's decision to suspend the lunch program for at least this week.

"It's basically a preventative thing until we can see what the situation is with the whole community,” Wicks said.

The district will continue to monitor the situation to see when the free meal program could return. 

“We want to try to get the lunches out to kids as soon as possible. We don’t want to necessarily do this for a very long period of time,” Wicks said. 

The district had planned to have high school students clean out locks as well as hold a resource pick-up at the elementary school. Both of those have also been postponed. Wicks stressed that the decisions are “strictly preventative” as they didn’t want to bring a lot of students or teachers into the buildings.

While Wicks said he hopes they can resume operations next week, the “safety of our staff, as well as students, as well as everybody” remains a top priority for the district.

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