St. Pat’s parade helps brighten spirits for teachers, students

Andrew Brown -
Rachel Rothmeyer and Amy Smith of St. Patrick’s School hold signs for the Car Line Parade on Tuesday, April 7 at Saint Patrick’s School. PHOTO BY ANDREW BROWN/THE PERRY CHIEF

The sky opened up, the temperature shot up, and the sun shown brightly on Tuesday, April 7. What has been the best day in quite some time set a perfect atmosphere for St. Patrick’s School Car Line Parade.

Following several other school parades around the area, St. Pat’s took their turn and similar to other parades, teachers, staff and students were able to see each other without the lens of a computer screen. The outcome was similar but the structure was slightly different for the Car Line Parade. Instead of teachers parading in their vehicles, students and families were able to drive by the main entrance of St. Patrick’s School and see teachers waiting for them with signs and smiles.

“We got this idea from another Catholic school and we thought this might bring more of our families to us,” Principal Kandice Roethler said. “A lot of our families do live out of town. This also gave a chance for our staff to see each other and bring some of that back into their lives.”

Roethler also added that the parade meant just as much to them as it did to their students and their families, which was echoed by first-grade teacher Amy Smith.

“That really helped our hearts,” said Smith. “We have really missed our kids and a computer screen through Zoom just doesn’t quite do it. This really helped us as teachers and it was what we all needed to help make it through.”

Smith also enjoyed the unique set-up of the parade.

“I think it was so much nicer,” began Smith. “It was nice to see my coworkers but what was even better were the kids in the parade. It was very special for them to do that.”

As the sun shown brightly on St. Patrick’s School, cars of families kept on driving by with an occasional honk or even a water balloon or two gracing the scene. It was a scene that seemed to put everyone in high spirits, which just so happened to be one of the intended outcomes set by Roethler and her staff.

“This gave some of our students and their families a chance to get away for a little bit and enjoy seeing their teachers again,” said Roethler. “It’s all about keeping spirits up because that can be hard right now and we want to continue to let the students know we care about them. That was a big focus for this parade today.”

Roethler added that it was nice to have such an event to keep the hope alive that school will be back in session this year.

“We’re still going to hold on to be able to say goodbye to these kids and we’re still going to give the eighth graders their graduation and so forth,” continued Roethler.

As of now, the date for school to resume is set for May 1 barring any further delays.