Mural taking shape in alley between Mary Rose and Perry Perk

Allison Ullmann - Staff
Shawn Palek, of Slater, works on a mural on the side of the Perry Perk building on Friday, Sept. 21. PHOTO BY ALLISON ULLMANN/THE PERRY CHIEF

The alley between Mary Rose Collection and Perry Perk got a little color as a mural recently started to take shape.

Shawn Palek, of Slater, was busy working on a section of the mural on Friday, Sept. 21. A sunflower, a sign with the words Prairie Lane and other flowers started to emerge as Palek worked through the afternoon.

“It's fun to do a project like this,” the artist said. “I have tons and tons of flowers in my yard.”

An airbrush helped him create the flowers for the mural. Palek used a combination of transparent and opaque paints to create the various layers in the flowers and leaves.

Work will continue on the mural this week and through the weekend as weather permits.

The mural on the side of the Perry Perk building on Warford Street will be one of three created by Palek. The next mural will be located on the Sinclair building.

The murals are being coordinated by Art on the Prairie.

“I enjoy the ladies of La Poste,” Palek said of Jenny Eklund, Mary Rose Nichols and Colleen Eckhoff. “They're so passionate about art and want to support artists in town.”

Nichols said the mural in the alley between her building and Perry Perk ties right back into Art on the Prairie. The theme, she said, is continued in the recently potted cement planters featuring grasses and mums.

The planters were moved into the alley by the Perry Public Works Department. Smaller planters join the larger ones up and down the alley.

“It will be a great spot for festival-goers to linger and look at the art,” Nichols said of Art on the Prairie.

She added that cement work was also completed in the alley by the City of Perry. The new cement work replaced the crumbling asphalt.

“It's literally a transformation,” Nichols said.

One that is still a work in progress as the mural continues to take shape.