Humane Society of Perry Cattery to close in October

Allison Ullmann - Staff

A gray calico kitten curled up in a basket, a black and white kitten climbed up a cat tree while an all-black kitten lounged in a window.

The three kittens are the last ones housed at the Perry Humane Society Cattery. The society also has four kittens in foster care in Waukee.

The Cattery will be closing its doors for good on Oct. 26. The humane society closed in July of this year. Dogs have been taken care of by the City of Perry, while cats were still taken in at the Cattery.

Dorothea Peterson, a volunteer with the Perry Humane Society Cattery, said the Boone Area Humane Society took a number of the older cats. The Ames Animal Shelter has also taken a number of the kittens from Perry.

The Cattery is now down to three kittens in Perry and four in foster care in Waukee. The three in Perry, Peterson said, are on the shy side. But she encouraged those looking to give a kitten a home to come check them out at the Cattery.

Peterson said while Oct. 26 was the deadline to be out of the Cattery, she said they will likely be closed before then.

If the last of the kittens aren’t adopted by the end of this week or early next week, Peterson said they will work with Ames or Boone to rehome the cats through their organizations.

Work will then turn to cleaning up the building. Peterson said any supplies that are left must be re-distributed through a 501(c)(3). Those supplies, she said, will likely be divided up between Ames and Boone.

“To the citizens of Perry who have supported the society throughout these years, we want to give extreme thanks because it was their society,” Peterson said. “They’re the ones who supported us, maintained it, kept us going throughout the years.”

Information about the foster kittens can be found on Petfinder, at

For more information on the kittens at the Cattery, or volunteering to help clean, contact Peterson at 515-465-3413.